Truth AKA Tony Blaze, AKA The Dapper One. Since I was a young man, the dream has always been the same. Make a living doing what I love to do. First it was singing, then it was playing drums, then finally, it was hip hop. Truth is, my man E turned me on to hip hop initially. I remember he played DMX for me in Middle School, and I was like, "Damn!" The way that X expressed himself and the feeling that came rushing out of the stereo, I was hooked immediately. I didn't start actually rhyming until after high school, but the love has been there since a young age. When I dropped out of high school, I was lucky enough to land a grant for college that paid me enough to buy a new computer. And with that I was able to download some software where I could record and edit some basic songs. Man, I can't tell you how good it felt to hear myself spit. Honestly, I wasn't that good off the bat. I mean, I thought I was the dopest thing to ever happen, but looking back, shit was pretty whack. 

 Still though, I was having so much fun doing it, nothing else mattered. I made all my own beats back then, and once I had enough tracks together, I put them all together in my first album, "Living Right". After that, it was show after show, open-mic after open-mic, trying to perfect the performance side of things. Which is, to me, the best and most important side of the whole game. I mean, obviously your recorded works, your albums, mixtapes, and videos are very important. But the time when you get to spend face time with your fans, and actually interact with them is worth more than all that other stuff. So I take performing very seriously. And after all the time I've put in, it shows. 

The world being a small place and all, Eyvre and I ended up running into each other after a while. And it was like, "Yo, I rap now". "Word, me too." "Well shit, let's get it popping." And it's been on ever since. Down the road a ways, we teamed up with Mr. Nice, and things went to a whole other level. Now, we three are making the sickest tracks, and rocking the dopest shows, hands down. You'd be hard pressed to find others on our level. Confident, yes. Cocky, maybe. But thats just how I'm feeling these days. Love Life.