Eyvre (Aliases: Ive, E Y, The Iron Tusks, Bleedo, Paul Bluntyin...) I was born and raised in Lakewood, CO. Moved to Nacogdoches, TX in 2003 for a degree in music production and began my rap journey. I Emcee, DJ, produce beats, engineer and many other things hip hop or music related. Ive performed and collaborated with many famous acts and am always looking to take the music to the level. Been knowing Truth since 3rd grade and Mr. Nice even longer through my older brother.

We all linked up in 05' and its been and ER thang ever since. I like, Engineering, graffiti, concerts, basketball, and a bunch of other stuff ya'll probably like also. If you want to know anything else about myself or the crew, check out the music or hit up the blog. That what this is all about anyways, the music. So peep game world and stay blessed!