This American Dream

If you're keeping current with our progress on "This American Dream", then you know we have finished recording and are waiting for an official album release party/show to release it to everyone. The problem, and the holdup, has been in securing a venue and a date. We've been in contact with several local venues in attempts to secure a good night and time. However, these people have been extremely difficult to work with. Ignored calls and emails have lead to break downs in communication and deadlines not being met. We want so bad to show you guys the fruits of our labor, and let you see the work, and progress we've been making. However, it is important to us to release this in the proper way. With a bang! All efforts are being made to ensure that this happens. We are looking at an early September date, as we have previous commitments in August that we don't want to step on.

We appreciate you guys so much, and can't wait to show you what's next from Everyday Ritual. Thanks for your patience. It will be worth it. I guarantee!

Love Life - Truth