Latest News!

Sorry it has been so long since the last post. We have been making big and exciting changes and are focusing on what we love to do, making music. We have been in the recording studio weekly for the past nine months and are finally coming up for air lol! We continue to work on our album daily, we have done a few shows in the past couple months, and are committed to making this project the biggest and badest one yet. We seriously cannot wait for it to be ready for the world to hear! Other then teaming up with Bendiksen Productions the latest development would have to be the Go Fund Me page that we set up. As you can imagine making this album with as awesome of a team as we are working with isn't a stroll in the park and we could use all the help we can get! So please go and check out our campaign.

We will be posting all upcoming shows as soon as we know dates, stay tuned.

Thanks and love to all - Everyday Ritual

Upcoming Show

Come check out Colorado's dopest hip hop group, Everyday Ritual, live and in concert on Saturday July 11th. This is a free entry concert and should be one hell of a time. We have a dope set lined up and hope to see all our supporters and fans out there. It's ER baby! 


Summer, summer, summertime! Just imagine that in Will Smith voice and you'll be on my level. School wrapped up this week, and I'm stoked to be done with another semester. But now, the grind starts heavy. Summer means shows, festivals, parties! It means that it's going down and we gotta be ready for it. Me and E are in the lab right now hashing out the website and designing our master plans for Everyday Ritual. I hope you guys are excited, because we definitely are. So grab your flip-flops, and check out this hip hop.

Love Life - Truth

Summer 2015

Man, things have been crazy for a minute. We've been putting together the "Voice of the Victorious" EP, and hope you guys have checked it out. We signed with Star1 Records, as well as TNT Booking and Management. Things are moving a mile a minute, and we can't wait to share whats coming next. Stay tuned, keep bumping that ER, and love life.

 - Truth

This American Dream

If you're keeping current with our progress on "This American Dream", then you know we have finished recording and are waiting for an official album release party/show to release it to everyone. The problem, and the holdup, has been in securing a venue and a date. We've been in contact with several local venues in attempts to secure a good night and time. However, these people have been extremely difficult to work with. Ignored calls and emails have lead to break downs in communication and deadlines not being met. We want so bad to show you guys the fruits of our labor, and let you see the work, and progress we've been making. However, it is important to us to release this in the proper way. With a bang! All efforts are being made to ensure that this happens. We are looking at an early September date, as we have previous commitments in August that we don't want to step on.

We appreciate you guys so much, and can't wait to show you what's next from Everyday Ritual. Thanks for your patience. It will be worth it. I guarantee!

Love Life - Truth

420 Festival

We will be performing with legendary rapper B.o.B at Civic Center Park in downtown Denver, CO on April 20th, 2014. The show is free and our set time is 2:55! 

Show At Hermans Hideaway

Everyday Ritual has a show coming up on March 11th, 2014 at Hermans Hideaway in Denver, CO. The Show starts at 8 p.m. and pre-sale tickets are only $5. Get at Eyvre, Nice, or Truth if interested. All proceed go to the 420 fundraiser at Civic Center park! Come out and support local hip hop and remember, hip hop is life and an Everyday Ritual! 

New Music from Truth

While ER is hard at work putting the final touches on "This American Dream" I just can't not write, you know? So do me a favor, and check out my new track "The Battle II" and let me know what you think. Love Life.

- Truth

It Begins!

Here we are, the launching of the Everyday Ritual website. A way for us to do our best to connect with the most important people in the world. You, the fans. Here on the blog page, we'll be sharing our thoughts and feelings as they come to us. If you're looking for news, check the "Latest News" page. This page will be a much more intimate one. One where you can get a feeling on how we're feeling at the moment.